About Catalyst137

Ontario’s Waterloo Region boasts the densest collection of tech startups outside of Silicon Valley, and several of its companies are emerging as leading innovators for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and supporting software. A new development project will soon introduce a place where Waterloo’s growing IoT companies can find the spark needed to compete in the global market.

Catalyst137, a 475,000 sq ft warehouse will become home to the Waterloo-area maker community and will provide centralized funding, consulting, engineering and other services, to be consolidated under one massive roof.

Catalyst137 is the result of the shared vision of Kurtis McBride of Miovision and Frank Voisin of the real estate investment firm Voisin Capital. The project is being co-developed by Toronto-based real estate firm Osmington Inc. Catalyst137’s first tenant will be Miovision.