The Services

Catalyst137 will be home to an array of tenants providing everything needed to accelerate time-to-market including: a makerspace, a testing facility and commercialization services.  It will also feature a hackable streetscape that will act as both a showcase of the Waterloo region’s technical ingenuity, and a sandbox for its talent pool.

  • Hackable Streetscape

    The finished space will be permeated with IoT sensors to make the building and streetscape “hackable.”

  • Makerspace

    All things start-ups and hobbyists need to hack and play: 3d printing, woodworking, metal working, soldering stations.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    Component placement systems and product manufacturing services.

  • Retail Services

    Coffee bar and full-service restaurant to help fuel innovation.

  • Venture Capital

    The concentration of IoT innovators at Catalyst137 will make it easier to catalyze investment.

  • RF Testing & Certification

    RF testing & pre-certification services ensuring full predictability before entering the formal certification cycle.

  • Government Relations

    Catalyst137 will provide an efficient channel for government relations to access the IoT cluster.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Industrial-grade prototyping tools.

  • Physical Testing

    Vibration, thermal, salt spray, humidity testing in a controlled environment.