Tenant Spotlight: PCC

In an ever-changing business landscape, PCC imagines better IT integration. This is why they provide modular, reconfigurable solutions and long-term support to ensure the technology changes along with their clients’ needs. They design and deploy the right solutions by combining the best of audio visual, sound masking, data cabling, MNEC (Mass Notification and Emergency Communications) systems, and more.

We asked a few questions to get to know them better.

Why are you looking forward to being a part of the Catalyst137 project?

Making connections fit is our expertise. As a major IoT space, Catalyst137 is the perfect complement to this work.

One of our top core values is collaboration. Not only does the smart IT integration that we are completing for the Catalyst137 space reflect this, but so do the relationships and partnerships we have already begun forming with our fellow tenants, such as Miovision.

How will your on-site services benefit tech start-ups specifically?

Tech start-ups are always changing. From minor adjustments, to major growth and moves, they need their technology to adapt. Our modular systems make workspace changes simpler, faster, and much less expensive to implement. These benefits mean our systems create assets rather than sunken costs. Our systems are reliable, which means tech teams can lean on them to do their job.

Is there anything about the Waterloo Region in particular that draws you to this project?

With our alternate offices located in the west, we were seeking the ideal region to continue our expansion. The Waterloo Region became the obvious choice upon visiting the Catalyst137 space. It is the perfect spot for our research and development work as we strive towards making full IoT connectivity a reality in the workplace. The region, and Catalyst137 specifically, has proven to consist of open-minded, collaborative teams who are ready to share and receive knowledge, and this has made it a great fit for us. We are thrilled to already have several Catalyst137 partnerships in full swing with more on the horizon!