Resource Spotlight: SigmaPoint

April 24, 2017 | Tenants | By Catalyst Team

Catalyst has partnered with SigmaPoint to bring faster turn-around, shorter lead time and better forecasting flexibility to our on-site manufacturers. SigmaPoint prides themselves on responding to requests live, which means no more inventory surplus, no more waste, and no more complicated offshore relationships.

We asked them a few questions so that you could get to know them a little better.

Why are you looking forward to being a part of the Catalyst137 project?

Catalyst137 will give SigmaPoint the opportunity to work with startups and manufacturers in their early stages of research and development, at the prototype and new product introduction levels. We want the help them to meet their aggressive time-to-market goals while keeping in mind the ability to quickly and cost-effectively go to volume production right here in Canada.


How will your on-site services benefit tech start-ups specifically?

Sigmapoint will have a dedicated team of New Product Introduction experts who will accompany our customers for Bill of Material management, component and product\test engineering and project management. We will have a complete surface mount line on site in order to quickly manufacture printed circuit board assembly. We will also have the ability to provide Design for Manufacturing (DFX) feedback and post-mortem reports for immediate product improvements. Finally, our supply chain analytic capabilities via Kanaxis RapidResponse and our operational lean manufacturing culture will prepare our customer for what to expect when they are ready to go to volume production.

Is there anything about the Waterloo Region in particular that draws you to this project?

Waterloo Region is a hotbed of innovation not only in the IoT arena, but in many other high-tech sectors. SigmaPoint is excited to be part of innovative teams who want to reshape how technology should be developed and manufactured locally. We know that we’ll fit right into the Catalyst137 community!



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